Clayton Farr

I’m a product strategist, designer, and teacher. I work with teams and individuals to uncover the insights that will deliver competitive and compelling software.

What I Do

Help Businesses

I work closely with internal teams to uncover the right problems to solve and translate these into valuable solutions. This includes –

  1. Uncovering and prioritizing product needs.
  2. Leading shared understanding and problem solving.
  3. Designing meaningful functionality, user flows, and interfaces.
  4. Testing product ideas against reality.
  5. Converting design solutions into real things.

Help Individuals

I leverage my experience to help others make genuine progress in the craft and career of software product and design. I help others –

  1. Understand the Product and Design disciplines.
  2. Learn evergreen thinking and strategies.
  3. Gain high-impact and high-value tactical skills.
  4. Determine actionable steps necessary to do the right work.
  5. Untangle career advancement options and strategies.

What I’ve Done

I’ve been fortunate to work across a range of domains and companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. My work has taken me across the full spectrum of product and design, both executing and leading.

Across this, I’ve been able to help create a Santa's workshop worth of reimagined tools and greenfield products.

A few of the businesses I’ve had the pleasure to work with –

1800ContactsAlereBard MedicalBluehostC.R. EnglandCiresonCayentaEnduranceExpertVoiceHarrisLEO TechnologiesMOJOUniversity of UtahUniverus

Get In Touch

Looking for help creating products that compete?

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Looking for help advancing your craft and career?

My door is open to help. Let’s set up a time to chat.