Product Design
25+ years of design experience across product, marketing, and print — with fifteen years creating digital products for enterprise, consumer, and mobile.
Notable highlights —
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I’ve had the good fortune to work with a range of great companies, including —
Product Management
15+ years creating digital products, working to find the most valuable places where customer and business needs overlap.
Notable highlights —
An adult lifetime of entrepreneurship, learning the hard-knocks of what makes business work and thrive.
Notable highlights —
Clayton Farr
Value-Led Product Design
Understanding true value requires observing real behavior, which requires we build design experiments that feel like real things.
Designing a (Design) Business
As designers, what is the true value we provide? In what ways can we increase it and how can we best capture what we create?, Co-Founder
Helping SaaS products compete on customer experience to create companies that can last decades.
Helping friends in need.
It’s hard to resist good problems – I also help others understand their users, design products to match, and test ideas against reality until they’re right.