Design’s Role

Far beyond pretty-picture-making, design uncovers the ideal form of content and tasks to their place and audience.

Thoughtful design multiplies the efforts of all others on a project, creating a product that can outperform its competition.

Expect a lot more from the design process and designers – lateral thinking, clarity, real-world testing and elegant implementation – expect a solid plan to build upon.

A Designer's Toolset

I co-lead FORM, a UX consultancy that provides design leadership and expertise.

In my work, I commit to understanding my clients’ business to provide the design strategy, expertise and perspective required to marry a product’s business goals with its customers’ needs.

  • Business & Audience Alignment
  • Product & Experience Strategy
  • Interaction & Interface Design
  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Design Testing

Rich Experience

I'm always interested to work with individuals and companies that have ambitious vision and respect for the people that they sell their products and services. Recent projects include –

  • Experticity - Brand Training Platform
  • MOJO · EIG - Web Services & Products Marketplace
  • TaxMate - Self-Employment Tax Mobile App
  • 1-800-Contacts - Call Center Sales System
  • Bard Medical - Device Updater
  • CR England Trucking - Nationwide Driver Manager

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  • @ClaytonFarr
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